Nefarious is a word used to define a persons intentions to be something that is particularly wicked, outrageous and just plain out bad. Ever heard of the word villain-like? Well that’s what this word means. It is right up that alley.
So…why would we choose such a Nefarious name you might ask?
Well the term Nefarious is not a subtle word – not by any means. It is unique; it is bold and it’s daring. It’s a word that stands out from the rest and brings mystery and wonder to those it encounters. Being Nefarious is to be wickedly relentless in your pursuit towards your goals; to be fierce and badass during each and every workout and adheres to your own individual beliefs and values that make you who you are.
When used in a positive context, Nefarious is a word we interpret to depict strength; being straight up with a determined and fearless focus, to achieve the desired task at hand. Like getting that new personal best on a lift; fighting your fears and trying a new skill like a handstand or rope climb and completing a workout you didn’t think possible.
Our aim at CrossFit Nefarious is to support you and guide you; not towards a criminal conviction but towards a new found health, fitness and strength stand point that is not only beneficial for your body but is also beneficial for your mind. We will implement the methodology that is CrossFit to allow growth and change in your life which will become a permanent fixture in the way you view the world.
Now that my friend is something Nefarious to look forward too