Starting any new exercise practice can be daunting, but entering a CrossFit box can be particularly nerve-wracking. Where are the machines? Why are there so many weights?? Pull up Bar…Really??? Am I ready for this????
Of course you’re ready!
While CrossFit is great for all Athletes…CrossFit is also great for people just wanting to feel better in their everyday lives. We are great for the weekend hiker, Mud Run addict, and for the person that wants to live a pain free life. We are for EVERYONE!
We call CrossFit Functional Fitness. All that means is that we can prepare you for everything that YOUR life throws at you.
Most people have watched the CrossFit Games or have seen images of CrossFit on social media. Pretty intimidating; however if that’s your goal then that’s awesome. We will try our hardest to support your dreams and work alongside you to help you grow to be the best athlete that you can be.
**On your first day of class…**
Everything is written on a whiteboard. We walk you through everything. Our warm ups are structured and done together as a crew. After your warm up we get into the Workout of the Day (WOD). There will probably be a bunch of things written on the board that make absolutely no sense: Snatch, KBS, HSPU, Jerk, Deadlift, Turkish Get Up… and thats totally ok. Our coaches are amazing and will explain exactly what we are looking for and will help you move properly and remain injury free.
Keep in mind, however, CrossFit is almost infinitely scalable, so that WOD designed for some of the top performers in your gym can and should be altered to fit your needs and current abilities. Most people freak out when they see PULL UPS. We have many alternatives for this single movement. Yes You will be doing Pull Ups, but doing the appropriate scale for the movement. So YES, we are for YOU, your parents, your grandparents, your kids!
**Beginner classes**
We do not offer these because everything can be modified to fit your needs. We have wooden sticks for new barbell movements and all different types of equipment to scale your movements appropriately and we have the coaches that can scale everything to fit everyone.
If you have questions just ask us! In a nut shell we like…
The Zone Diet: encourages followers to eat a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat at every meal in order to reduce inflammation in the body.
Paleolithic Diet: the favored diet of CrossFitters.; which entails eating the way our cave-man ancestors did, so lots of meat and vegetables; no dairy, legumes or grains and No sugar. Both diets consist of eating real food. It’s that easy
**1st Place or Last Place**
We don’t care if you are the first one done or the last one done. This is your workout. You are not holding anyone back if you are last and you are not getting a trophy if you are first. You decide your intensity…but understand that we will push you when its appropriate. We will have you add weight when its appropriate. We will bring out the best in you that you never knew existed.
You will be sore. Because of the intensity and volume associated with CrossFit WODs, one big adjustment for new members is dealing with muscle soreness. Even those with an athletic or training background can take several weeks to acclimate to the new workload. Basic maintenance like ice packs, ibuprofen, fish oil and foam rollers will help get you through the early days. After 2 weeks your recovery will be noticeably better.
CrossFit is a built in support system and is unique to that of the ordinary globo fitness gym; everyone knows one another, there is always someone to help with technique, to compare WOD results with; to discuss competitions and to just talk about CrossFit! The importance of support in CrossFit is that it provides motivation. When we’re tired and are struggling to complete a workout we begin to doubt our ability to finish, having people encourage us gives us the belief that we can do it! What a better way to start your fitness journey than having the support of not only your coaches but also a room full of people behind you.
This is why we absolutely Love CrossFit and once you step in our doors you will too – Team CFN