Way back in May CrossFit Nefarious was far far far from any of our thoughts. At the time neither of us (Kane, Nikky, James or Jazz) were affiliated to a CrossFit gym; we were all on our own, training relentlessly out of our home gyms and down at the local globo gyms in town. After coming from a group environment to training in front of a mirror we realised that it just wasn’t the same. Our own personal pursuit to become the best that we can be turned into somewhat of a desperate battle to find a place to belong; also training alone and without our friends was becoming detrimental and upsetting to us all. Miserable and missing the community feels that CrossFit provided Kane and James came up with an idea to locate and lease a small building somewhere in the central vicinity of Whanganui. The idea was so that we could bring all of our gym equipment together under the one roof and then do CrossFit like we use to. The boys also had the idea to approach interested parties eg our friends currently training unaffiliated, in garages, to not training at all, to put all of their equipment with ours and train together like we use to.
Yes! Perfect idea!…….So the hunt was on to find the perfect spot!!!!
All of us kept our eyes peeled to the local paper and on the internet to see if there were any suitable industrial type location we could go for to help bring this bright idea to life.
Coincidentally as it may be, it just so happened that at the time of our search, Kane’s employer had recently purchased a property just outside of town. We thought PERFECT!!! Our life is complete….Let’s hit him up now so we don’t miss out 😛 Finally we could actually have a place we could call our own and could do massive loads of CrossFit under.
Old Mushroom Farm on Belmont Road, Whanganui.
The location was reminiscent of Rich Froning’s affiliate, CrossFit Mayhem in Cooksville Tennesse USA. We were all excited about the place and visited the property multiple times incognito (borderline trespassing); imagining all the fitness that could be had out there. Plenty of room for tyre flips and sprints and barbell metcons incorporating cardio endurance modalities; forever working on getting better and improving our overall fitness. We proudly dubbed our flash new spot that wasn’t yet ours, “The Ranch”.
Then as reality started to sink in we began asking the tough questions…”how would we monitor the use of the ranch; how would we keep track of people using it; what happens if equipment broke or even worse what happens if the place was burgled”. I mean remember it wasn’t just our equipment going into it, we also planned to rope our friends into it as well….as naive as it may have seemed we were all so fixated on having a training facility to call our own that we didn’t quite take a look at the bigger picture.
Eventually we started to realise that “hey this may not be as good of an idea as we initially thought” The intent behind the idea was there; the purpose, the drive but overall the logic didn’t line up with reality, and realistically it didn’t look like a good idea at all….:(
This was the moment when we thought “hec what do we have to lose, it was all or nothing in the endearing pursuit of our dreams”. This exact moment was was when we collectively decided to go full noise with a brand new idea…. We will open a brand new affiliated, Fully Equipped Premium CrossFit facility right here in our city of Whanganui. A facility that caters to people of all levels of fitness dreams and aspirations and to allow others the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement that CrossFit provides and a place to share our passion with others.
This moment was when our exciting journey began……Now to get planning 😛
To be continued……………….