CrossFit founder, Coach Greg Glassman, said it best: “Learn the mechanics of fundamental movements; establish a consistent pattern of practicing these same movements, and, only then, turn up the intensity of workouts incorporating these movements. ‘Mechanics,’ then ‘Consistency,’ and then ‘Intensity’– this is the key to effective implementation of CrossFit programming.”
As the “Sport of Fitness” (aka competitive CrossFit) grows in popularity many of the principals that established “CrossFit” as the worlds most effective training methodology for achieving “fitness” are being pushed into the background. The quality of movement, mechanics, and fundamentals which allow progressive improvement over a lifetime are being traded for instant gratification and that new “PB”. It is for this reason I would briefly like to remind our community of the “M-C-I Model.”
Mechanics- how a movement is performed. A motto of CrossFit is “perfecting human movement.” This is obviously done by perfecting the mechanics of functional movements meaning we move through the full ranges of motion in a proper position ensuring safety and stability.
Consistency- performing proper movement repeatedly. Having proper mechanics is one thing, but then to perform them properly over and over again is another. We don’t need to have good mechanics every once in a while, we need them all the time to ensure a lifetime of fitness. We don’t want to just be fit in the gym but also outside of it.
Intensity – Once and individual shows they have consistent mechanics, its now time to increase the intensity of the movement (i.e. increasing load).
A good example is once beginners can perform a technically sound clean with the stick we will then hand them an empty barbell. If they consistently perform proper mechanics again, we will once more increase the intensity by increasing load. However if the athlete fails to perform the mechanics properly, we will lessen the intensity until consistency is achieved. After consistency is showed once more we will attempt to increase the intensity again. This cycle repeats itself throughout the athletes fitness journey and through this we can guarantee improvement over the long haul! PBs really aren’t any good unless they are performed properly.
If we follow this model, all members of our affiliate will show progress and continue to live the fittest life possible. We are in the business of making peoples lives better and it is my opinion that this model allows us to do exactly that!
Leave your ego at the door, and get things right. It will ultimately be worth it!