Having a safe and family friendly environment is important to us at CrossFit Nefarious. This is not just limited to the safety of our members, but also to any children who may be present at the box during our group classes. Up to this point we haven’t had any official ‘policy’ on what is (and is not) appropriate for children at the box while their parents are working out.
As our member base and class sizes grow, we feel that it is important to establish some guidelines to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for everyone at CrossFit Nefarious, as well as to preserve the integrity of the group class experience for all members; with or without children. If you choose to bring your children with you to group classes, we need you to enforce these guidelines with them:
1. Children are not allowed on the main gym floor during our group 

This includes the warm-up, the WOD, and any post-WOD work. Children must stay in their specified area, which for now will include the kiddie corner and on the seats at the end of the building. 9:30 & 4:45 classes children are off limits in the back area and down the driveway. For safety reasons as vehicles will be driving up and down the side of the building.
Children are also welcome to sit in the kitchen area as well. Feel free to bring in books, video games, colouring supplies, puzzles, etc for the kids to use in these areas while you are working out.

2. For safety reasons all gym equipment is off limits to children at all times during classes.

This includes the pull-up rig, rings, jump ropes, boxes, rowers/bikes, sticks, foam rollers, barbells, kettle bells.

3. Chalk.
Please refrain your child from playing in the chalk buckets.
4. Please help us keep the gym tidy.
Just like we ask of you, please make sure you or your child has cleaned up after themselves before you leave the gym.
5. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are following these guidelines.
If you see your child doing something they shouldn’t, you must stop the WOD and address it immediately. Please do this in a way that is not disruptive to the rest of the class.

6. Coaches need to be focused on running the class and ensuring the safety & enjoyment of our members.

There will be times when coaches will step in to assist but this will be at their discretion and availability to do so.

We do love children and we love your children. It is important to us to have our babies present and be at the box to watch their role models (meaning you) work relentlessly towards your goals. That’s where the magic is. But also we do not wish any harm to their way or to affect the one hour workout of another member.