Hey team,
With the the cooler months slowly approaching and rise of the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world, it will be matter of time before it hits Whanganui. Please don’t be alarmed, as we have so many things to look forward to. The best thing we can all do is to continue life as normal, train as we normally would and refresh ourselves on our hygiene standards.
At CrossFit Nefarious we take pride in offering an organised and clean environment for everyone to use and we spend hours each week ensuring that our standards remain high. With the pressures of the world imploding we really need your help to keep on top of things and ensure everyone at our house remains healthy and safe.
What we ask of you:
  1. Bring a towel with you to every class – Please make it a habit to bring a sweat towel. This can reduce the spread of body fluids and reduce your cleaning time at the end of each class.
  2. Sanitise your hands before you enter the gym and before you leave – Treat it like you were going to see a sick relative at the hospital.
  3. Washing hands after using the toilet. Common sense people, it’s no joke when someone comes out the toilet and chalk is still on the hands. Wash them and re-chalk after.
  4. If you make a mess, clean it up – Look I get it, some of us like to go full send and try to cross that finish line in the quickest time. Chalk is flying, sweat is dripping everywhere and TIME! Before we pack up and leave, can we do our best to clean up after ourselves and the equipment we use. I’m pretty sure you all run a tight ship at home and definitely wouldn’t let that happen.
  5. Wipe down your equipment – All we ask is a couple seconds to wipe it down. Another way to say “you’re welcome” to the next person who uses it after you.
    In this case sharing is not caring.
What we will provide:

  • Hand santiser – Hand sanitiser – Hand sanitiser
  • Paper towels to replace cloth hand towels
  • Cleaning sprays with solution and anti-bacterial wipes for cleaning equipment before and after use.
  • Buckets/mops are available and will be accessible to do quick spot cleaning such as chalk and body fluids.
This is no joke. The last thing we need is to shutdown the box. Sad face. Just a few extra minutes to take responsibility and help keep everyone safe is going to be a massive Team effort.
In saying so if you show any flu like symptoms, please stay at home. At least 48-72 hours and then assessing there after. This can reduce the rate of spread and keeps everyone feeling happy and healthy. Worse comes to worse we will look to create at-home workouts to keep you on parr towards your goals.

We care about your health, the health of your whanau and the health of our community. These small measures are all preventative steps to keep ourselves safe.

– Jazz and Kane