Self-Isolation/Social Distancing. Keeping each other safe.
5 things you can do to keep well at home:
⭐️ Educate yourself
In CrossFit there are a variety of online short courses that you can complete. Each with a small cost attached to it however will give you a deeper understanding in movement and technique
⭐️ Journalling – Write it down
The mental health benefits of journaling include stress relief, self-reflection, clarity and organization in life, and it can serve as a mood booster.
⭐️ Stay connected
Make the most of technology and stay in touch with colleagues, friends and family via phone calls, texts, social media and video conferencing.
⭐️ Create a routine
Change out of your pajamas, shower and make a to-do of all the things you want to achieve each day to create a sense of normality and productivity.
⭐️ Plan time some time-out
As a family having some time for yourself is important. It will keep you sane and enhance the current living situation in your home environment.
⭐️ Take care of your body
Eat healthily, get plenty of sleep and exercise daily. That could include indoor workout classes, stretching and practicing meditation.
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