If you are unwell or showing any of the following symptoms:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose, sniffles, sneezing
  • General unwellness, Flu symptoms
Please stay home. Don’t chance it. We recommend getting tested to make sure. COVID although is destructive is also a very remarkable and unique disease. All we can do at this time is prevent and isolate. If you need time away from the box we will do this in confidence and organise workouts for you to do at home through our Remote programming option.
Bookings are essential.
  1. Classes are limited to 10.
  2. Pick a bubble and stick with it.
  3. 1 – 2 metre distancing; Our mats are 1m x 1m. This is based on your comfort levels. Please speak up if you are uncomfortable at any time with space.
  4. Show up for class 5-10 minutes before, and do not hang around post class to socialise.
  5. Sanitise your hands after entering the building and before you leave. These stations will be provided for you upon entry.
  6. Members area is now located at the front of the box. Areas will be marked for distancing.
  • Will need to be done at home.
  1. Pick 1 of 10 available stations in your bubble and stick with it. Your chosen station will be yours until the foreseeable future. This is our Contact Tracing.
  2. Equipment will be provided for you in your bubble.
  3. Wipe down all used equipment after use. Each bubble will have their own cleaning tools.
  4. Sweat towels are now mandatory.
  5. Communal chalk has been removed. WodWax is still available to use for the pull up bar.
UPDATE 13/5/2020 – Jazz
Movement in the box is going to be limited. Bathroom facilities will be available. Sorry if I caused any alarm guys. Bathroom will remain open and access to the kitchen/office will remain free for your use.
Movement within the box is going to be restricted for the first two weeks. Certain areas are going to cordoned off and restricted to members. The bathroom will be closed for use for the time being as we navigate our way through this.
Until we climatise to our new environment we are going to be very vigilant and cautious.
This hurts me as I love all of our Nefarious babies. But for their safety we ask for parents to find other means to accommodate them for the time being.
CrossFit Kids will be on hold as our Kids Coach takes leave very soon.
Cash transactions will be discontinued. Bank Transfer will be implemented instead for all purchases.
FIT AID purchases will continue
Nefarious Merch will be available also.
The gym will be sanitised daily between classes with a full wash down on Sunday’s.
As we navigate the first week or two of our return together things will change accordingly and will see the return of many things we previously enjoyed.
We are so excited to see you all again and fill these empty walls with life.
If I have missed anything I will update you ASAP