CrossFit is more than just a form of exercise, it is also the sport of fitness. Competitive CrossFit is rapidly growing and we are excited to offer a programme  for individuals seeking to make their name in the sport.

Maybe you are also just a dedicated member of our Team that has no ambition of competing in CrossFit, but would like to add more volume to your training routine; This program is for you.

Our programme focuses on increasing strength and muscle endurance with various barbell movements, gymnastic strength and stamina, and overall conditioning in rowing, the assault bike and running. The competitor program compliments the daily NFX Group class, so both can and should be performed without any overlap in movements or training.


Coach's Tip

This class is perfect for those who bring a competitive spirit, are willing to train hard, and know how to keep spirits high under duress!





  • Results driven programming
  • Highest level coaching expertise/experience. (These are our most highly trained and experienced coaches.)
  • Dedicated training space.
  • Dedicated equipment.
  • Dedicated training time and 24/7 gym access time*
  • Smaller Coach: Athlete ratio.
  • Complete competition preparation / guidance.
  • 12 Week Reboot Competitors Programme
  • Access to PEAK Members Only Facebook Page
  • FREE pass to ALL Specialty Workshops.

* Membership Upgrade Required



Who is the programme for?

Whether your goal is to push yourself to new heights on a personal level, compete in your first local competition, or podium at your next event, our Competitive program is for you. It is designed to make you more well-rounded – exposing and fixing areas of weakness while improving your strengths and overall fitness. We focus, equally, on the mental game – the important decisions you must make in the heat of competition to put up good scores. Aspects from pacing, transitions, breathing, and overall mental toughness are all addressed to make you a better athlete.

What to expect in a PEAK Class?

In general, the workouts are similar to what you see in a regular NFX Group class, however the workout weights, movements, etc. may be scaled up. 

As it is a 90 minute class, we will also have some extra components added where we spend time on more complex movements (Handstand walking, muscle-ups, barbell cycling etc).

It’s worth noting that during this class we do not spend time teaching the basic movements and the classes will run at a faster pace, so it is important that you are prepared for this pace and have a solid grasp on the basic movements and lifts. 

Workouts will be performed in Teams of 2,3,4 or individually


Difference between NFX and PEAK Classes?

With the new PEAK class, we aim to emphasise the importance of quality of movement and skill building. This is where the competition class differs from the classes during the week.

Weekly classes have am emphasis on health and fitness as a whole, whereas the competition class will focus mainly on movement and skill development. As a result, it may come across as not as fun or much more challenging. Sure you have muscle ups, but do you have proper muscle ups, why do you always fail at three when your body is capable of doing 10? The answer is skill and movement, which is the key to competition. Increasing skill is one of the most frustrating things we can do in a gym because it is so much more than a physical thing; it takes mindset too.

Do you have a grasp of the basics?

The programming includes advanced gymnastics and barbell movements and, because the session moves at a very quick pace, we aren’t able to spend time on basic progressions. So, it is important that anyone attending the class is familiar with the basic movements used in CrossFit competitions (deadlifts, squats, olympic lifts, wall balls, toes to bar, etc).

Please note, we don’t expect everyone to have these movements mastered – that’s impossible! However, we do recommend that anyone who attends is familiar with the basics and knows how to scale movements appropriate for their current level (this experience you learn from time attending regular CrossFit classes). Did we mention that most competitions have a scaled division as well?! 😉

Will PEAK Classes help get me these movements?

Not really…

The best way to develop basic CrossFit movements – bodyweight, barbell and gymnastics –  is by coming to regular classes or by attending any of our upcoming Speciality Classes on the weekends and in many instances, putting in extra work outside of the classes to work on your weaknesses.

Competition Class is designed to help you fine tune these movements: string together leg raises, pull-ups or toes to bar, solidify positions in your snatch, etc.

If you need help on how to work on these weaknesses simply speak to one of the coaches and/or book in a 1 hr assessment session so we can see how to best help you.

To emphasise, you don’t need to be able to perform these movements to come to class. If you know your weaknesses, know progressions and scaling options you can use in place of some of the more complex movements, there is no reason why you can’t join in!

More is not better, better is better…

What do we mean by this?

Just because the Competition Programme allows more time than a regular class; ‘more intense’; it’s ‘got more volume’ and ‘heavier weights’ does not mean it will make you progress faster.

This is an all too common misconception with regards to training and volume. People think ‘more must mean better’. It’s an obvious connection and we will all be guilty to forming that conclusion, we (the coaches) have probably all been guilty of this in the past, it happens to everyone.

But time and time again, what we see is that this is just not the case, Better is better. By this I mean that the training you are doing should be done with the utmost effort to be better, to move better, to push harder and faster. Those who have better quality training sessions (regardless of volume) will make faster progress.

What are the costs?

Our 12 Week Programme costs $260




When and what are the Specialised Workshops?

Skills workshops

  • Pull Up Efficiency
  • Handstand Push Up/Walking
  • Rowing Effeciency
  • Swimming*
  • Rope Climb
  • Running

Other Workshops inc:

  • Preparing for a competition
  • Competition Ettiqutte/Mindset
  • Nutrition

Workshop dates and events will be posted on Nefarious Business Page and are subject to change*


FREE for Peak Memabers

$20 for non-peak members




Perhaps not now, but maybe later…

If you find yourself answering ‘No’ to a lot of the above questions and you come to the conclusion that the Competition Class is not right for you, this does not mean it will never be right for you!

There is nothing preventing you from getting to the stage where you feel ready for these classes, you simply need to give yourself time to progress and develop.

Our advice is simple, keep training regularly, listen and learn from the coaches and make it your goal to be better everyday.

If you have any questions or need help with some specific areas then just let us know, we will be more than happy to help.



It is a requirement to attend our normal Classes for one month, for our Coaches to see your potential in action to assess your strengths and areas of growth that will help benefit your future as a competitor.

Non members are welcome to participate with a regular drop in fee.


If you are ready to sign up then follow the link below to get started; however if you need more information to decide whether NF PEAK is a good fit for you, Coach Dante is available to assist with your questions and concerns. Alternatively Coach Jazz will be on hand to help as well.






Committing to NF PEAK requires extended periods of training over the 12 week cycle. It is required that all NF PEAK athletes are ALL ACCESS gym holders. This exclusive membership entitles the holder to 24/7 gym access and extra features on their Wodify Athlete app. Upon registering for NF PEAK you will be automatically upgraded to amazing new world of fitness.



If interested in learning more and seeing if our NF PEAK is a good fit for you, please talk to any of our Nefarious Coaches or alternatively email info@nefariousfitness.co.nz