Māmā Zone sessions are for ladies only.

We have a two classes per week and pride ourselves in being able to cater to all fitness levels, providing progressive modifications for many of our exercises. Our aim is to educate our members in both exercise and nutrition so they can achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Kids are welcome to come along to classes where they can play in the kids area whilst you train.

We are set up under one roof so mums can exercise whilst the kids are close by. It is great for the kids to see their mum exercise and helps in teaching them valuable lessons about how important it is to look after their bodies. We are passionate about empowering women and families in our community. So bring your child or baby along to our child friendly gym to save $$$ on costly childcare fees.


  • Whole body movement exercises
  • Minimal equipment
  • Olympic lifting
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Cardio endurance


    • Have fun while getting fit
    • No need to find a babysitter
    • Expert technique instruction in a relaxed atmosphere
    • Better balance
    • Increased flexibility
    • Improved muscle strength and endurance (to name a few)


    1. Can I bring my children?

    Yes. Class is more suited towards little babies 6 weeks old to crawlers. You’ll just have to watch your little one very carefully around equipment if they are moving around. We have some toys on site but I would also recommend bringing their stroller or favourite toy/snacks to help keep them happy too.

    2. Do you offer modified exercises? 

    As a fitness professional, it is my duty to provide you with safe exercises that are within your ability. If I feel your safety is compromised with any of the exercises, then a regression of that movement will always be offered.

    3. Do I need medical clearance to join these classes?  

    Yes. Please discuss this first with your lead maternity carer/ GP or Women’s health physio.

    4. What are your package options and costs?

    $17.50 – Casual PAss
    $150.00 – 10 Class Pack
    $240 – 20 Class Pack

    – Memberships are a open contract with no cancellation fee

    – No Joining fee

    – No minimum period

    – Access to our Nefarious members page and Māmā  Zone fb page. This is where our Team keep our members updated with any changes or happenings in the gym community or to do with class.

    5. Do I need to be a member of Nefarious to do Māmā  Zone classes?

    No. You do not need to be a Nefarious member. Māmā  Zone classes are separate to a standard Nefarious membership. We will cap our numbers in class so please ensure to sign up and reserve a space.