Everyone should be given the opportunity to feel great about themselves, so we’ve created an environment to challenge you and push you to discover the best of your own ability. Under the guidance of one of our coaches you’re guaranteed to utilise every second of our 60 minute Strength and Conditioning Training and leave the session feeling exhausted but achieved and accomplished.



People who prioritise their health and fitness are more likely to succeed in their working environment. They’re confident within themselves and they inspire confidence within others, posses more sustained energy throughout the day and demonstrate their ability to set and achieve goals. They’re often less stressed, feel better about their day-to-day activities and are more likely to take on leadership roles. If you’re an employer, get in touch with us about some team training and show your crew you care and that they’re not just another number.


We’re a nation who pride ourselves in being competitive in multiple popular sporting codes. A lot of the time people only see the final product when athletes compete on the big stage and neglect the countless hours of hard work done in the gym. Hard work is something we pride ourselves in at Nefarious Fitness & Performance and with a great understanding of how an athlete should move we have the perfect fit to take your code to the next level.


(More details Coming Soon….)