• Are you struggling with healing your Mental health? Do you want physical and mental resilience? Would you like to lose weight loss, meet people and feel part of something bigger than yourself?
  • Do you feel Lost and seeking guidance? Is your will to change larger than the comfort of staying the same? Are you ready for a life changing moment?
  • Do you want to feel Accomplished, proud, and motivated? Do you to see results from an addictive routine?  Do you want to enjoy the process as much as the rewards?

We created these 4 Week Challenges to share our knowledge and mass teach our community our simple & effective method to achieving body composition goals.  

We debunk all the myths you believe, allow you to choose the foods that YOU enjoy, train in a fun & purposeful way and join the most uplifting & supportive community – all whilst absolutely smashing your health and fitness goals. It sounds too good to be true, but the results show for themselves right? 

Fat loss, muscle gain, increased energy, better mood, self confidence, self pride, happier, kinder, more productive… this challenge will get you all of this, but this isn’t even the best part…

The best part is that everything you learn in this challenge you’ll take into your life forever.

It’s sustainable, enjoyable & honestly not that hard.
A little education & your mind will be blown.

Knowledge is Power. 

We’re here to educate. 

The rest is on you. 

Whether you choose to participate Online or are able to join the Team & do In-house, you are part of the same community all connecting, learning & staying motivated/accountable through our very own Nefarious Wodify App. V3 will be a gym based training program with the option to select home workouts with minimal equipment if need be. The workouts will all follow the same format with different rep ranges & sets for beginners to advanced fitness levels.

Your nutrition targets will be based on  personal preference, highlighting the importance of consuming wholefoods and minimal processed; all of which will be  based on your individual goals, body type & activity. We will then teach you how to choose foods and portion sizes based on this information and how to track your nutrition accordingly. You will receive our Nefarious Nutrition   & Lifestyle Guidebook/Ebook our ‘how-to guide’ which includes everything you need to know.


What you can Achieve
with REBOOT?

We are giving you access to different training styles to help you achieve your specific goals.

➡️ Metcon Classes
Focuses on the long term fitness & health of individuals. Increase total body strength, enhance cardiovascular fitness and achieve a full body transformation.

➡️ NFGO!!
Improve your overall level of fitness, increase strength and improve your body composition.

➡️ 30 minute HIIT
Our popular BURN Classes to sculpt your lower body and build a strong core.

➡️ Daily Mobility with ROM WOD
Enhance your range of motion and improve all-round performance in functional fitness.

You’ll Also Recieve

➡️ Weekly check-ins⁣
➡️  Weigh-Ins
➡️ 4 x training styles⁣
➡️ Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidebook
➡️ Accountability
➡️ Fun Challenges & Prizes
➡️ Progress tracking, and so much more!⁣

I achieved my goal with this 4 week challenge in an attempt to cut a lot of weight in a short amount of time to be able to to make the weight limit for skydiving, managed to be at an acceptable weight in 4 weeks and lost 8-9 kgs major win.

Dante Karangaroa

definitely feel alot fitter and I don’t tire out as quickly as I used to. Beginning to get the hang of certain types of workouts that previously I have never done before and had been struggling with

Nick PNG

I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the last few weeks, I’ve never done a challenge like this before, it’s been an eye opener….I feel like I finally understand what sugar does to my body, how shitty it makes me feel, that’s another win.

Teresa Reedy

How much does it the Challenge cost?

$199 – Non-Members

  • Pay in Full
  • Payment Instalments are accepted see below 

4 x Weekly Instalments $49.75



Do I have to live in Whanganui to participate?

No. Our challenge can be facilitated online. We will send workouts to you. Hold you accountable and assist you with your kai through our supportive online community.

What about Vaccine Mandates?

To participate in activities facilitated at our physical location we will require to sight Vaccine Passports prior to attending classes at the gym however…

If a Vaccine Passport does not apply to you then you are still able to utilise our services virtually and independently 🙂 To complete workouts At Home all you need is a set of dumbbells &  a skipping rope. 

What else do I need to Know?


MONDAY 10 JANUARY – “Info Night”  Location 16 Wilson St, Whanganui @ Nefarious HQ
Time: 6:30pm – 7pm
What: Our Info Night will give you a breakdown of what the next 4 weeks will look like and what it involves. We will discuss how to manage portions and what kai is more substantial for you and your goals. 
We will discuss the damage that “restrictive eating” may cause and talk about how to rewire current thinking and behaviors around nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.


Friday 14 January – (1st Weigh In before Challenge starts)
Friday 21 January
Friday 28 January
Friday 4 February
Friday 11 February – Final Weigh-In End of Challenge

Saturday 12 February 8am Group Workout followed by Brunch & Prizegiving @ 10am

How do you track accountability?

Our Reboot Challenge is based on a point system…the more habits/tasks you complete the more points you receive.

We have several variations of daily movement options available with a variety of different options to choose from. We learnt from the first Reboot to add more because our participants were doing more.

We have given clearer descriptions of each task to help with your decision making.

Refer A Friend and have fun together

Challenges are easier together. Refer a friend to join the REBOOT Challenge with you